How to Decide on Support Plans

By Marianne Chrisos posted 04-06-2023 17:20


Deploying Agiloft is only the first step to successful contract management. What happens when something goes wrong you have questions or need to troubleshoot an issue?  Agiloft’s mission is to make you wildly successful , and part of that means offering the support services you need to  drive that success.

While we have a few different support plan options available, the most important thing to know is that our plans are designed to meet your needs wherever you are on your CLM journey. While different tiers might have different turnaround times for tickets and different coverage hours, there is always someone skilled and knowledgeable available to help.

What’s included with Agiloft support plans?

Agiloft offers a range of support plans to help customers get the most out of their CLM software. Knowing what each tier offers can help you decide whether upgrading to Gold or Platinum support will better help you meet your organization’s current needs and goals for the future.

1. Standard Support: We call our standard support “day-to-day support needs for global organizations”, and it’s included with every Agiloft subscription. It includes access to their online knowledgebase, ticket-based email support, and regular software updates. This plan is best suited for businesses with straightforward contract management needs who can manage most issues on their own with the help of Agiloft's Support team during standard business hours.

2. Gold Support: For more complex and demanding needs, our next support tier is Gold, which includes accelerated response and resolution when larger teams are managing your Agiloft CLM. This plan is a good fit for organizations that need more personalized support and priority handling requiring 24x5 support. This plan also has a bi-annual operations review built in, with the option to add a Technical Account Manager.

3. Platinum Support: Platinum support offers rapid response and resolution. This plan is ideal for organizations with complex contract management needs that require immediate support at all times. Some features include both pooled and named support representatives, weekend support, priority ticket handling, quarterly operations reviews, and an add-on option for a Technical Account Manager.

Our support plans are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and levels of complexity. If you're just starting out with Agiloft and have relatively simple contract management needs, the standard plan may be sufficient. As your business grows and your contract management needs become more complex, you can upgrade to a higher level of support to ensure that your CLM system continues to drive business success.

You can see the breakdown of each support tier here.

Your Agiloft support team

Do you know who’s who on your Agiloft team? Once you’ve enrolled in premium support, your support team grows. Here’s who’s here to help.

Customer Success Manager

o   Available to every Agiloft customer

o   Partners with your Agiloft admins and executive sponsors to ensure successful outcomes

o   Identifies and communicates opportunities for additional value

o   Acts as escalation point for key issues

o   Manages renewals

Global Technical Support Team

o   A global team of customer-focused product experts who provide rapid and personalized problem resolution for every Agiloft customer

o   Handles ticket management, troubleshooting, and issue escalation

Named Support Representative (Platinum Support)

o   Identified technical support contact who proactively manages tickets and communications for Platinum support tier

o   Offers frequent ticket review meetings (weekly or monthly)

o   Advocates and follows up with Agiloft teams for priority issues

o   Provides customer and CSM updates

Technical Account Manager (Gold or Platinum Support)

o   Can be added on to either Gold or Platinum support plans

o   An identified member of technical support that provides expert-led, solution-specific engagements overseeing large technical projects and support

o   High priority ticket updates (hourly or daily)

o   Owns and manages technical issues

o   Takes initiative with hands-on assistance managing new releases, deploying new features, and collaborating on rollout plans 

One of the best places to get support outside of submitting a ticket to our Support Portal is The Agiloft Customer Community. You can easily read through past threads with questions and answers from other Agiloft users and start your own discussion to troubleshoot with your peers. If you’ve got a question about support plans or about an issue you’re facing on your Agiloft KB,  start a conversation here.

To learn more about Agiloft support plans, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.