Tracking a GOAL

I’m trying to set up a dashboard that will track our progress against a goal. We have a goal for the number of visit we want to complete each month and I’d like to display the target on this graph. Maybe have the progress as a %. Any ideas?


Hi John,

Thanks for posting!

This may require a slight restructure of your KB but if Visit Type is a table of values (instead of a choice field) you can have a monthly target integer field in each Visit Type record and also a calculation on multiple linked records listing the number of Site Visits that month for that Visit Type. From these you can calculate progress percentage in a calculated result field and graph it against Visit type.

Please let me know if you require any clarification or if anyone else has any ideas.

Thanks Jack. Okay, some more detail:
Site Visits is a table that records all kinds of information about each visit.
One of the fields is the visit type.
I use the option (Number of Site Visits) in the Y axis right now.
Is there a way to show a formula such as "(number of site visits/100)*100 to display a %?
I’m happy to update that number monthly in the report.

Hi John,

Unfortunately there is not a way to use ‘number of site visits of a certain type’ in a formula within a report in the Site Visits table.

You may be able to create the report you’re after using a custom excel report but it will not be visible in the a dashboard (you will have to download it to view it).

If you want to make use of the formula function in the report wizard to calculate ‘site visits of a certain type’/‘goal number of site visits for a certain type’ you will have to create and run the report from a table of site visit types.

Okay, understood. Last question! Would it be possible to do if I have a single static goal for all of the visit types? The goal is 50 for all of them. What would the formula look like?

Hi John,

I still 100% recommend my original method but if you want a harder to maintain, alternative method, I have thought of one below:

Create a new percentage field in the Site Visit table called ‘Percentage of goal’. Default this field to 2% (1/50 as a percentage). Run a mass edit on all existing Site Visit records to ensure your new ‘Percentage of Goal’ field has a value of 2%. Now you can create a column bar graph where the Y axis is the Total of the ‘Percentage of Goal’ field. You can also use a custom label for the y axis ‘Percentage towards Goal’.

If you wanted to have different goals for different visit types you would have to set the ‘Percentage of Goal’ to the correct value in a create rule based on visit type.