Schedule a Rule Notification?

Hi there – hoping you can help my paralegal from going insane. She wants to receive a notification when a contract needs some action on it, and that rule works just fine in general. The problem is, it’s not running the search and sending the notification just one time, it’s sending her the notification every time the search is run. So every 24 hours she gets a notification that she has already received once or multiple times. How do I get the rule to just send one notification and then not send repeat notifications?

Thanks so much–

You don’t say much about how the rule is set up, and that has a bearing on the results that you get. But from what you write, it appears that there’s a daily rule that matches certain criteria, and then that happens, it sends a notification.

Trouble is, if the criteria do not change, then every day the same notification will be sent.

There are various ways to avoid this issue, and some of them make more sense depending again on what exactly you’re tracking as criteria, and what you wish to accomplish.

One way may be to evaluate a date field, and run the rule based on a specific date.
E.g: Send the notification if “today” is Expiration Date + 3 Days, or Send the notification if the Renewal Date is 5 days old. These are specific dates, so it will trigger only once provided the rule runs every day.

In some other cases you may need to have a flag field that you use to validate with an if-then-else rule:
a. If something happens (maybe click a button), set flag to “Yes”
b. Your daily rule finds any records where the flag is “yes”
b1. Rule sends notification
b2. Rule sets the flag to “no”.

Again, unless the same thing happens that sets the flag to “yes” again (in some cases that’s exactly what you want), this would only trigger once, because the same notification rule sets the flag to “no”, so the record doesn’t qualify anymore.

These are two of the most common ways you can use to ensure that a time-based rule only runs once on any given record. If this doesn’t work for you, then please give more details about what you’re tracking, to give you some other suggestions.

Thank you very much. I tried the first method you mention and it seems to have worked. Appreciate your help.