Related Table Action Bar Best Practices

Action bar settings have important usability consequences, so it’s wise to take the time to adjust them based on your users’ needs. This particularly applies when creating a related table. While you can choose to simply use the default action bar for the linked table, it is likely that it will not be contextually appropriate.

For instance, if you created a Tasks related table field and chose to use the default action bar, it would have all of the following options:

  • New
  • Mass Edit
  • Save Changes / Cancel Changes
  • Delete
  • Click to search records
  • Unlink
  • Actions: Help, Copy, Convert, Link, Sync, Import, Export
  • Views
  • Search
  • New Email
  • Print Records

Depending on where the related table field is going and what you want to allow your users to do from that location, it is likely that items such as Import, Export, and New Email are not appropriate. You might even decide that you don’t want users to be able to create a New task from the related table.

To create a more appropriate action bar, click Setup Tasks (or whichever source table the related table field in the destination table looks to) and navigate to the Action Bars tab. There, you can create an action bar that is specifically created for use in related table fields.

Once your source table has a customized action bar for related tables, navigate back to the destination table and use the Display tab of the Field wizard to configure the related table to show the appropriate action bar.

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