Notify when a business rule fails?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to get a notification when a scheduled business rule (or associated actions) fails. We recently had a situation where our automatic renewals weren’t happening because of some misentered data on at least one record which caused the rule to just stop running. We have no idea how long it was failing, but am wondering how to find out if it happens again. Can Agiloft send a notification if a rule runs into an error?

Hi Josh,

If an action within the rule is failing then you can set a person to be notified on each failure. You can do this when editing a specific Action, the option is in the Errors tab.

While the error notifications will inform you of action failures, I would suggest exploring the reason the data is missing in the first place. Setting these fields as required or conditionally required may help.

You may also create a saved search and/or report to show you which contracts are missing a particular set of fields.

Thanks Jack. I have set the notices on the individual actions and that will work fine. There were a couple of instances where a scheduled rule had stopped running and it could have been any of a dozen actions that had failed, so I just wondered if there was a catch-all option for a whole rule or set of actions. But case by case on the particular actions is fine.