Making the Currency symbol dependant

With respect to a Currency Field it appears that the currency symbol is more or less hard-coded within a record, but I was wondering if it is at all possible to make the currency symbol dependent on another field?

For example, I have a background table called Contract Prices which displays as a related table in the Contract records. We deal in multiple currencies, so my wish would be when I select the currency of the contract (Choice field) , I would like my price fields to display the proper currency symbol.

This is correct:

But this is not:

I thought about just making another Price field with a visible dependency, but then I run into the issue of having two Price columns in my related table view.

Any thoughts?

Hi Paul!

Probably the best way of doing this would be to have ‘Currency’ as a background table instead of a choice field. Then, you create a link to selected values field so that when you choose your currency you can also display a field showing you the currency symbol (providing you store that symbol in your new ‘Currency’ table) next to your price field.

A benefit of this methods is that if you need to print the price field in a print template you can do $currency_symbol$price and will show up correctly regardless of the currency.

Thanks Jack. I may give that a try.