Inserting an If to the top of an If-Then-Else Action


You may have tried to add a new If condition to the top of an existing If-Then-Else Action container, only to find that there does not seem to be a way to do this. Even when you select the top row and press “Add If,” the new If line gets added below the top If condition, and attempting to move it up using the “Move Up” button only nests the new If line into the one above and gets stuck.

Much of the time, this might not be a problem if the order in which your actions are running doesn’t matter, or if you have other conditions or actions that you can insert the new If condition after. In some rare cases however, you may specifically need to insert a new If condition all the way at the top. For instance, you might want to insert a some specific if-then validation logic that must be passed before the rest of the conditions and actions in the if-then action are processed.


The workaround for this is quite simple. Press the “Add Comments” button to add a comment, and press “Move Up” to move it all the way up to the top.

After you’ve done so, you can select that comment at the top, and press the “Add If” button to create your new If condition at the top of the If action container.

You can now delete the placeholder comment, or leave it there in case you need to insert another if condition at the top in the future.