Force Field Labels into a Single Row in Table View Headers

In some cases, fields that do not contain many characters of data will be displayed with their field labels broken out into multiple lines in the table view headers. This is because Agiloft will apply line breaks to the table view headers if there is not enough data to extend to the entire length of the field label. Changing the settings in the view does not usually help to prevent this from occurring.


If you want the columns to all be on one row, you simply need to insert a non-breaking space into the field label in place of any regular spaces. To do so:

  1. Follow [Table Name]> Setup [Table Name] and open the Fields tab.
  2. Click the Edit icon to open the Create/edit Field wizard for the desired field(s).
  3. In the Field label item, replace the regular spaces with non-breaking spaces by entering the following codes on your keyboard, depending on your operating system:
    • In Windows- hold down the ALT key and enter the numbers 0160.
    • In macOS- hold down the OPT key and hit space.
    • For other operating systems, refer to this Wikipedia article.

It’s important to note that this should be done via manual keyboard entry rather than inserting HTML into the field label. HTML will generally cause problems and show up in table view headers and quick search areas.