Ensure Signature Blocks, Sections with Tables, and Clauses Stay Together in Print Templates


Often, administrators have sections of their print templates or Word documents that they want to keep grouped up and contiguous. For example, imagine that you have a print template that contains a section with 3 paragraphs. If the content of the section gets too long for the current page, you might want to have all 3 paragraphs jump to the next page and stay together, instead of allowing the last paragraph to separate from the others and go to the next page.

This is common for signature blocks, sections containing tables, or clauses.


The solution for this is configured in your Word document. Once you complete these steps, the entire section stay together and move to the next page when needed. If you don’t use Word, the same principles apply in other word processing software.

  1. Highlight the section you want to keep together
  2. Right-click and select “Paragraph…”
  3. In the paragraph formatting menu that opens:
    a. Navigate to the Line and Page Breaks tab
    b. Select the “Keep with next” and “Keep lines together” options.