Convert Numbers to Words in Contracts


Using a background table and a linked field, you can configure your system so that your contract language in print templates and reports includes numbers as words. For example “This contract will expire in three (3) years.”


These steps assume that your Contracts table already has an integer field that holds the contract length. If you do not, create one before moving on. Additionally, note that you can use the following steps to convert any integer field into words.

Create the Background Table and Fields

Follow Setup>Tables to make a new table called “Number to Words.” In your new table, create the following two fields:

  • Number- Integer field with no default value
  • Word- Text field with no default value. Marked as a Summary Field.

Import the Correct Excel File

Follow Setup>Import and, depending on your needs, import one of the following documents to your Number to Words table:

Create a Linked Field in the Contracts Table

In your Contracts table, create a new Link to Single Field from Other Table field. This field will look to the integer specified in the Contract Length field and convert the number to the correct words.

  1. On the Table tab, select Number to Words.
  2. On the Field tab, select the Word field and change the label to “Contract Length (in words)”.
  3. On the Options tab, set the default value so that the Number field (of the Number to Words table) matches the value held in the Contract Length field (of the Contracts table). Note that you can set the default value so the Number field matches the value held in any other integer field.
  4. On the Display tab, select Plain text view only.
  5. Click Finish.

Once you have completed these steps, you can configure your print templates and reports so that they pull in your Contract Length (in words) field whenever needed.