Contract Management Suite

Use Agiloft’s Contract Management Suite to automate the complete contract lifecycle, streamline your approval process, and integrate contract information into related business processes.

Features include:
Automated document assembly includes dynamic print templates, convert to PDF, and PDF merge.
Email and SMS integration provide active notifications at any time, to all your devices.
Document versioning and check-in /checkout controls capture changes to documents and store all revisions.
Version comparison shows redlined changes for documents.
Time-based notifications, reports, and dashboards provide quick access to data in multiple formats.
Quick Edit allows record changes on the fly.
Version comparison shows redlined changes for documents.
DocuSign and Adobe Sign integrations add secure, legal e-signatures, eliminating the time and expense of gathering physical signatures.
Approval workflows automate complex contract approval routing, including sequential, parallel, and conditional approvals.
Granular permission controls provide precise view and edit access by user group, including dynamic filters.
Full audit trail and automatic documentation make it easy to meet strict audit and compliance requirements, such as Sarbanes Oxley.

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