2018 Spring Release Coming Soon

The 2018 spring release will be announced soon, and is scheduled to include:

True Sync Capability with SAML Servers
Agiloft is adding the ability to mass sync SAML user information with a SAML server, allowing for full synchronization.

Email Styles
The ability to style emails using our WYSIWYG editor will be significantly enhanced.

Modern Reports and Layouts
The staff home page layout is being enhanced with new styles of graphical reports, such as ring reports, and enhanced control over layout and styling. The default look and feel will be modernized and control over the customization of the look and feel significantly expanded.

User Navigation
Agiloft is planning several enhancements to improve navigation. First, we are adding hierarchical folder structures in table views to show child records grouped under their parent. The folders can be collapsed and expanded. Table headings can be frozen when scrolling the table contents. Inactive tables can be hidden for all table trees.

KB Management
Agiloft is adding new features to make it easier to customize and manage your knowledgebase. New options will allow you better control over what is saved in the history records. We are also adding more controls when importing KBs, allowing you to disable actions that would normally occur as soon as the KB is imported, such as accepting inbound emails.

Mobile Interface
The mobile interface will be responsive to the display screen size, adapting the layout accordingly. The end-user interface (EUI) will be made mobile-friendly.

Action Buttons
We are making action buttons more flexible by adding an option that will let users save the record with an action button, even if some of the required fields are not filled in.

Search Operations
The search options will be increased to make searches easier and more effective. Searching will also be extended to the Charts/Reports screen, making it easier to find the desired report in the list.


Watch a demonstration of the new functionality next week on Wednesday, May 9 at 11 AM PT. Register here: https://agiloft.zoom.us/meeting/register/fee98b0a3e4d2bbe8c34be5db4a05ad8