Understanding Support and Implementation Services

By Shannalyn West posted 09-28-2021 16:18


As Agiloft is a highly configurable solution, it is important to understand the difference between Support and Implementation services. 

Support answers questions, investigates functionality that is not working as expected, fields KB requests, and directs you to articles and other resources if you want to know how to configure your system.  You can enter a support ticket in at any time through the Agiloft Support Portal, however, during business hours you can also call Support at 650-587-8615.

Implementation performs consulting and system configuration. The Implementation team is involved during the initial customer KB creation and optimization and can be called upon for additional improvements and enhancements to your existing KB.  

You can enter in your own implementation task through the support portal as well.  If you require assistance with a project or there are some configuration changes that you would like to make to your KB (e.g. creating large volume of fields/print templates/demo videos/documentation) then you can create an implementation task that can be either assigned to someone specifically or sent into the queue for someone to pick up.

All you need to remember is that Support is included in your subscription at no additional charge, and Implementation services is a fee-based resource. 

If you are ever in doubt of which direction, please do not hesitate to contact your Agiloft Customer Success Manager ("CSM").  Your CSM is a free resource that can assist with any account related questions, changes to any contacts, escalations or guide you to the right team member. 

You can find some additional information about Agiloft Support in our posts how to get help for issues with your KB and best practices for writing an effective support ticket.