3 Key Steps to Invest in your Agiloft Administrator

By Shannalyn West posted 09-28-2021 18:14


Agiloft system administrators (“admins”) have access to all levels of the system, including the Admin Console. In particular, admins can use the entire Setup menu. The Setup menu allows admins to set up all the behavior of the knowledgebase ("KB") and use the capabilities provided by Agiloft.  Agiloft admins use the same functions as power users but have unlimited KB access.

It is important to invest in your Agiloft admin and set the admin up for success to keep your system running smoothly.

Step 1: Create a Support Account

If you have not done so already, go to the Support Portal and click “create your own user account.”  Once you create your user account, you will be able to submit a Support ticket, view all Support tickets for your organization, submit Implementation Tasks and access Admin training. 

You can find some additional information about Agiloft Support in our posts how to get help for issues with your KB and best practices for writing an effective support ticket.

Step 2: Review our free training and be aware of our library of short videos.

Comprehensive work-at-your-own-pace Admin training is available from your Profile in the Support Portal. This is the same training that Agiloft implementers and partners take. Hands-on practice is included through interactive modules, videos, practice exercises and quizzes.  

Our free Agiloft Training Resources  and Wiki Dashboard have a variety of additional resources for training as well.  You can also watch some of our Agiloft Tutorials.

 Step 3: Ongoing training through Agiloft Weekly Webinars.

Agiloft has weekly webinars to cover new functionality, enhancements, or popular asks. You can sign up to attend a live webinar or watch the replay here.  They are a great way to see what is coming up with Agiloft as well as how other customers are using Agiloft.  An added bonus is that when you register for our webinar you will also receive our Agiloft customer newsletter which will let you know of upcoming webinars as well as highlighted blog posts.

Some topics of interest for an Agiloft Admin from some previous webinars are:

As always, your Customer Success Manager (“CSM”) is here to help!  If your Agiloft admin left the company, you aren’t sure who should be the admin or if you are wondering if the admin course is for you, contact your dedicated CSM. Your CSM is a free resource that can assist you with any account related questions, changes to any contacts, escalations or guide you to the right team member.    We want to help you have your best Agiloft experience.

If you are interested in some additional Agiloft admin topics, visit our informational wiki page or start a discussion topic in our community about what other topics you’d like to see.