Interested in Previewing our Next Release?

By Pascale Laviolette posted 02-17-2022 16:41


We're looking for customers to participate in our Spring 2022 Release Beta Program! The program is comprised of two testing groups, and you can sign up for one or both.

Feature beta testing (March 2022) is for customers interested in previewing Agiloft's Integration Hub, powered by Workato. Our product team will support you in creating integration workflows between Agiloft and some of the 200+ enterprise systems supported so we can gather your feedback and better understand your use cases!

Release beta testing (May 2022) is for customers to test the full Spring 2022 release in a sandboxed copy of their production environment, so you can preview everything in the release and identify potential issues unique to your implementation.

We hope you'll sign up! Learn more here.