2023 Summer Release: Innovating with AI, integrations and more

By Marianne Chrisos posted 08-22-2023 16:39


On August 15th, Agiloft’s Product Team took to the virtual stage to host a webinar on the 2023 Summer Release. Here are the highlights on what they shared about this innovative release.

Product Vision

The Agiloft vision is to build connected, intelligent, and autonomous contracting processes that enable companies to unlock the value of contract data and accelerate their businesses. Here’s how we we’re executing on that vision.  

  • More autonomy: We’re prioritizing features that enable more autonomy, like self-service options.
  • Standardized and interoperable: This is a critical capability that will improve the exchange of information between systems, improve integrations, and enhance data-driven decisions.
  • Intelligent and optimized: Our automation capabilities make it easier to identify more risks, improve visibility, and drive more efficient drafting.
  • Digital and connected: We’re striving to provide modern, simplified, automated, and integrated experiences.

To help create more digital and connected contracts, we’ve developed UI/UX and integration enhancement for more connected, streamlined experiences. Some of the UI and UX enhancements will improve ease of use and include:

  • Agiloft Contract Assistant for Microsoft Word updates
  • Power BI Connector
  • Agiloft integration with Gmail

To enhance the intelligence and optimization, we’ve created new capabilities like:

  • AI Trainer
  • Legacy Import
  • Third-Party Contract Review 

Read more about what’s new here.

AI Trainer

Now AI can keep an eye on obligations in contracts. Agiloft’s AI Trainer enables users to easily create custom AI models to mine business-specific elements of their contracts, including clauses, important key terms, and obligations that will help them to monitor risk, performance, and compliance. Organizations get quick, individualized models of their contracts, which enable teams to surface potential risks before they become problems, identify opportunities for competitive advantage, and ensure compliance across a range of regulations.

Just like your Agiloft CLM, AI is now configurable. You can:

  • Create AI models that mold to your unique needs with flexible, self-serve trainers, designed by our customers and partners.
  • Reduce legal spend by maintaining continual access to AI model customization without requiring external services.
  • Reduce the time and cost of closing contracts written on third-party paper, thanks to quick detection of the presence of key terms and clauses.
  • Lower risk and boost confidence with negotiations compared to when relying solely on manual review.

If you want to see the new AI Trainer in action, plus see demos of new features and explore Q&A, watch the whole webinar here . Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the 2023 Release or ask questions about its updates in our community.



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