Introducing: Admin On-Demand

By Marianne Chrisos posted 05-12-2023 09:48


At Agiloft, we firmly believe that admins are the heart of a successful CLM system. Having a CLM administrator can dramatically improve contract management across your organization, as Agiloft admins are responsible for managing and maintaining their organization’s Agiloft system. With an admin, you get increased efficiency and productivity by having a point person who can help handle any organization-specific needs, such as creating customizations, managing user access and permissions, ensuring data accuracy and integrity, running reports, and providing training and support to users.

But not every organization has the time or resources for a dedicated admin. Even organizations with dedicated admin support are limited by hours in the day; being an Agiloft admin might just be one of many responsibilities that someone is tasked with in their role. That’s why Agiloft is introducing the Admin On-Demand program – to help you get the most from your Agiloft investment. 

Admin On-Demand enables organizations to: 

•    Continue to improve processes that achieve tangible boosts in efficiency and productivity
•    Ensure that contract data is transformed into business-critical intelligence your team can use
•    Deliver more strategic value and better business outcomes
•    Make the Agiloft platform - and the whole organization - more adaptable to changing market conditions and business needs

Admins can also alleviate roadblocks in your contract process and even mature your CLM capabilities so you can get more strategic value and insight from the system CLM you already use. 

Here are just a few ways that admins can provide flexibility and support:

•    User and permissions management
•    Troubleshooting user issues
•    Testing post patch/upgrade deployment
•    Contract template management
•    Clause library management (if applicable)
•    Reporting and dashboards
•    Support existing integrations
•    Provide best practice advice
•    Help prepare for enhancements 

You can check out more information about the benefits and logistics of Admin On-Demand here. You can also post in our community with any questions or suggestions.  



06-01-2023 16:00

This is a great idea for any size and any type of organization!