How Using a CLM Admin can Improve Efficiency and Productivity

By Marianne Chrisos posted 02-16-2023 14:41

You already know that your business runs on contracts. Every department – from sales to procurement to legal to HR - has vital contracts in place that help businesses track vendor obligations, safeguard technology, stay compliant, and preserve relationships. Agiloft is a key component of successful contract lifecycle management. 

But every system, no matter how powerful, is always made better by the people who use it. Research shows that companies with the most successful CLM systems have dedicated contract operations administrators to further widen the competitive advantage of their contract tools. In short, CLM admins serve a critical role in how successful organizations are.

Contract Admins: Protecting the health, performance, and security of the contract management system

An Agiloft CLM admin is responsible for managing and maintaining their organization’s Agiloft system. This can involve tasks such as creating customizations to meet the organization's specific needs, managing user access and permissions, ensuring data accuracy and integrity, and providing training and support to users. They also help ensure that the system is set up properly, used effectively, and remains secure. As a CLM point person, they can drastically boost cross-department communication and efficiency by sharing best practices and collaborating with other stakeholders, such as legal and procurement teams.

With an admin in place, you can also start to see tangible boosts in efficiency and productivity, including: 

  • Automation of Processes: A CLM admin can become the expert in how Agiloft can help automate even the most complex approvals. By creating streamlined workflows, admins can automate contract creation, approval, and signature, reducing the time and effort required to complete these tasks and freeing up time for more strategic tasks.
  • Standardization: A CLM admin can standardize contract management processes, ensuring that all contracts are executed consistently and in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Centralized Repository: While many people benefit from CLM, an admin can own the centralized contract repository, making it easier for all stakeholders to access and manage contracts, as well as ensuring that information remains updated and complete.
  • Improved Reporting: A dedicated admin can master Agiloft’s powerful customizations to generate reports on contract performance and progress, providing valuable insights into the contract management process and enabling leadership to make informed decisions.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Contract ops admins can set up real-time monitoring and alerts for contract expiration dates, renewals, and other key events, helping to avoid missed deadlines and minimize the risk of legal disputes.
  • Improved Data Quality: A CLM admin can establish data quality checks and controls to ensure that contract data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date, reducing the risk of errors and improving decision-making.

Agiloft University: Training a whole new generation of modern CLM admins

Agiloft University features three certification levels that will give graduates the skills they need to master and then move beyond the foundational stage of automating their contract management processes to connecting the data that is hidden in those contracts to key people and processes across their organization. This helps ensure that unstructured contract data is transformed into business-critical intelligence that ultimately delivers more strategic value and optimizes wider business outcomes.

With Agiloft University, users will be able to:

  • Learn to configure their CLM system to further streamline operations, increase revenue, and reduce risk
  • Maximize ROI by learning how to enhance usability, automate reporting, and expand user adoption
  • Improve security and compliance with instruction on advanced permission structures, secure notifications, and other critical security feature

For more information on how you can get more from Agiloft and see the long-term business results of an Agiloft admin, read more about Agiloft University. 

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02-17-2023 11:15

@Marianne Chrisos this is spot on. To drill down from your points a level, I've experienced two tangible ways to leverage admins to drive user adoption:

  • Be a point person for user support. In the beginning stages of a roll out, users will have questions about how to actually use the workflow. Yes there can be hints and there can be training but there's no substitute for a white glove phone call to someone that will share their screen and walk the user through exactly how to click through a contracting workflow. I did this at a very large athletic footwear manufacturer based in the Pacific Northwest and it increased user adoption by 70% within less than a year.
  • Manage the "gold version" playbook of metadata by contract type. Assuming a company has gone through legacy contract migration, organize their contracts into proper parent child hierarchies, renamed all contract documents in a, naming convention, and extracted basic and expanded metadata...keeping the repository Evergreen is a foundational element of contract management. In order to do this there needs to be a playbook with metadata fields, field definitions and which contract types they apply to. This will need to be updated as regulatory requirements change, reporting requirements change, system integrations are updated etc. This is also the document that an admin or an outsourced service that the admin will oversee, can use to do what's called "contract closeout." This is a process that is triggered when the contract is fully executed. Within some SLA outline (typically 48 to 72 hours) the metadata is updated, and in the contract is activated in the repository. The admin can oversee this process as well.

lawyers will adopt systems that allow them to quickly access the contracts for a counter-party where there is an active negotiation. the more complete the repository the higher the confidence of. the lawyers using the system. the white glove support...well...that one is obvious. some of my best friend are lawyers :-) but yes, they are like doctors...they need handholding to change...