What the Best Agiloft Admins Are Doing

By Linda Frembes posted 11-09-2023 11:03

Owning a system from end-to-end can be a tough task. “What are other Agiloft Admins doing?” is often a question that we hear when we speak to customers looking to solve an issue, to debut a new workflow to end users, or to benchmark their CLM activities against others in the industry. The Agiloft Customer Community is one of the many ways we connect Admins to each other, as well as customer-focused content and events such as the recent webinar hosted by Myles Van Leuven, Agiloft’s Vice President of Customer Advocacy. 

In Turning your Agiloft Admin into the MVP of Your Organization, Van Leuven spoke with Lauryn Haake, President and Founder of Qualitas Consulting Group, about the four key activities what the best Agiloft Admins are doing today. 

Training and Communication

Training resources, such as Agiloft University, are a key component in keeping skills sharp. 

“Communication is also really important for the admin role because you're communicating what the system can do, is doing, and what the system is capable of doing for the future,” said Haake. Communication is also key for user stories and for success stories. 

“You're really covering the entire lifecycle of how Agiloft is used in your company,” Haake added. 

Empowerment and Self-Service

“Empowerment means that you are empowering everybody to use the tool in the best way for your company. it doesn't necessarily mean that you're using every single feature and function of Agiloft, but it means you are making the most out of that for your company's benefit,” explained Haake. 

Empowerment may mean understanding where end users need training or understanding where end users have ideas for how things could be improved upon. 

“Self-service is one of the best practices in the CLM industry where you try to drive the data entry down and save your high resources for the high value work,” said Haake. 

Self-service also makes processes and workflow expedient and efficient in your environment. 

A Continuous Improvement Mindset

Having a continuous improvement mindset applies to large concepts, like artificial intelligence (AI), down to the smaller tactical tasks of everyday administration. 

“Agiloft Admins should really be paying attention to the AI features that were released with our Summer Release,” said Van Leuven. “I think it's a tremendous opportunity for you to be leading in the industry in terms of how AI can help a company using CLM.”

Haake added, “Continuous Improvement also means that every Admin and their organization should have a known and well-communicated enhancement schedule.” 

Haake and the Qualitas team always recommends that Admins don't think about the system being “done” on go-live day.
“I love that recommendation of having a technology roadmap,” said Van Leuven. “I definitely think that if there's one takeaway on how to be an MVP from this session, it is that everybody should be thinking about a roadmap.”

Resources and Budget

The constant struggle for any system owner/administrator is securing enough resources and budget to hit their goals. Haake noted, “I also think that resources could simply mean resourcefulness. Resourcefulness is going to be important as you try to figure out how to achieve those first three pillars.” 

In fact, resourcefulness works in conjunction with the other attributes mentioned above. Haake explained that empowerment, communication, training, and having a continuous improvement mindset can influence an Admin’s strength in securing resources and budget. 

Many of the knowledge resources offered by Agiloft are free or attainable at a relatively low cost. Connect with other Admins in the Agiloft Customer Community and reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about what knowledge resources are available!

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