Five Ways to Tune Up Your Agiloft KB Right Now

By Linda Frembes posted 08-07-2023 17:02


Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere usually means that we all get to slow down a bit and take some time to make a dent in our task list. As an administrator for our community platform, that usually means that I have a moment to tackle some of the important items that keep the community running smoothly – and the same can be true for Agiloft administrators and KBs!

The community moderators and I came up with this handy list of five things that you can do to tune up your KB right now. Taking some time to tighten up some settings to improve performance or revamping some page visuals can make a big difference to your end users. Take them one at a time or power through them all – the choice is yours!

  1. Review our security recommendations.
    I know, I know. Going through security settings can be such a chore, but it behooves you and your system integrity to take regular stock of our current recommendations. Security is not a crock pot – never just “set it and forget it”.

    Take a look at our general security guidelines, recommendations for password management, and using hotlinks to start. 

  2. Manage your licenses and view your license usage.
    Licenses are a constant topic in our customer conversations. Every organization has different needs, and those needs are constantly changing. Do you know about your current usage? Do you know how to manage existing licenses? Do you know how to request new licenses?

    If the answer is no to any of these questions, then check out our Help article about it and make sure that your license management knowledge is up-to-date.

  3. Evaluate your layouts and dashboards.
    No one likes a messy or unhelpful data dashboard and end users’ eyes will just gloss right over it if your dashboards fall into those categories. If you haven’t updated your dashboards in a while, now is the time to re-evaluate whether the data you are serving is useful and needed.

    Related task: While you are at it, you can also look at adjusting the layout of tables to focus on essential information and possible remove or hide unused fields.

  4. Fine tune your notifications.
    It’s a noisy world that we live in, so serving the right notifications at the right time via the right medium can make all the difference. Reviewing and adjusting the rules, action buttons, or workflows that trigger notifications will improve the user experience and could increase productivity across the organization.

  5. Last but not least, check your indexing!
    If you are looking to improve overall system performance, you can consider disabling indexing from tables that don't require instantaneous searches. Our Help article takes a dive into indexing, including creating, synchronizing, and disabling this feature.

Let us know how you do with these recommendations and what else you are doing to fine-tune your Agiloft KB! 

H/T to @Misha Berkowitz, @Amin Hannini, and @Ricardo von Staa for their contributions to this article.