Have a conversation with your contracts with Agiloft's new ConvoAI

By Linda Frembes posted 01-31-2023 10:19


Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting so many of our customers and partners in person at the Agiloft Summit 2023 in Las Vegas. Not only were connections made in the real world, but we also made a big splash in the CLM AI world with the announcement of our new ConvoAI, which lets ALL users have an interactive conversation with their contracts by asking questions in natural language to easily and intuitively find details in their contracts. 

As we note in the official press release: "In partnership with Cognizer AI and leveraging Cognizer’s Genius™ contract intelligence platform, Agiloft’s ConvoAI delivers the most advanced natural language information discovery experience in the CLM market today."

Learn more about ConvoAI in the video below featuring our Chief Product Officer @Andy Wishart:

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