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Start a Discussion = Get an Agiloft Shirt!

By Linda Frembes posted 01-20-2022 12:44

As you may have seen, we recently updated our brand and visual identity. To celebrate this new look, we are giving customers in the Agiloft Customer Community a chance to receive a new Agiloft t-shirt featuring our new logo! 

During the month of February, any customer who starts a discussion or asks a question in the Agiloft Customer Community will receive a link from your Community Manager to order a t-shirt of your color/size choice.

Make sure that you have your community email notifications turned on and that you are checking your community inbox!

And, of course, we can't have a contest without some fine print:
  • Please refrain from starting discussions like "I want a t-shirt!" or opening a question like "Does this qualify me to get a t-shirt?".  Any posts of this kind will be deleted and it will not qualify for this promotion. Thanks for your understanding!
  • One t-shirt per person, please. 
  • Order fulfillment is through a third-party. You will receive a link to their site where you can order your t-shirt. Their terms and conditions apply in regards to the use of their site. 
  • Your Community Manager will be checking posts and sending the order form URL to qualified community members via the community messaging feature. You can retrieve those messages in your community inbox

Want to learn more about our new brand and core mission? Check out this video from our CEO Eric Laughlin:

Thank you so much for being a part of the Agiloft Customer Community!


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