How to Manage Community Email Notifications

By Linda Frembes posted 09-22-2021 12:19


Do you love email notifications or do you hate them? People seem to be divided into two camps when it comes to emails, with little room in between. The Agiloft Customer Community gives you control over your email notification frequency no matter which way you lean. 

Where to Find Discussion Notification Settings

Navigate to My Communities in the main navigation. 

If you are joining a community topic for the first time, you will click the Join button next to the topic you want to join. Then you will see this pop-up:

From here, you can choose the frequency of your email notifications. 

If you are already a member of a topic and want to change your notification settings, click into the community topic. You will see a button marked Settings. Clicking on that will open a drop-down menu that allows you to change your frequency, including turning these emails off. 

If you are a member of multiple community topics and want to make changes to most or all of them, you can also find your notification settings under the My Account tab on your profile page. 
From here, you can change notification settings for all of the community topics for which you are a member. 

If you have read this post and still have questions about email notifications in the community, please ask a question in The WaterCooler and a member of the community team will be glad to help you!