Getting to know your Agiloft Customer Community account

By Linda Frembes posted 09-20-2021 17:17

Now that you are signed in to your Agiloft Customer Community account, you are probably wondering what other settings you need to adjust prior to using the community. Your account settings on your profile page make it easy to check your settings and make sure that your account is behaving the way you want. 

How do I find my account settings?

To find your account settings, click on the icon in the upper right side of the page. This action will trigger a drop-down menu where you can click on your profile. 

You will see a row of tabs across your profile page that looks like this:

What account settings are available to me?

Clicking on the My Account tab will trigger a drop-down menu. 

The settings you can adjust here are:

  • Privacy settings: You can choose which community audience sees your details, like picture, company, bio, etc. 
  • Email preferences: This area is where you can broadly choose what type of emails you get. You can also subscribe to email notifications from your individual community topics under the Community Notifications setting. 
  • RSS feeds: Want to follow discussions or community blogs using an RSS reader like Feedly? Here is where you can setup the RSS feed that you want. 
  • Community notifications: Subscribe to emails from your chosen community topics. 
  • Discussion signature: The Higher Logic platform assigns a default signature. Here is where you can customize it. 

Any question about community settings? Please ask them in The Watercooler!
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