5 Tips for Maximizing User Adoption for Your CLM System

By Linda Frembes posted 05-01-2024 10:47

Effective contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems are indispensable tools for legal operations team. However, the realized value of CLM lies in the adoption rate among an organization’s users. Yes, a CLM system can streamline workflows and processes, track and enhance compliance, and drive cost savings (among other great business benefits), but achieving these benefits requires widespread user adoption and the continuous feedback from an active user base.
We offer these five tips to get you on the right path for a vibrant and active CLM user ecosystem:
  1. User-Centric Design Reviews: A CLM system that is unintuitive and not user-friendly will hamstring any other efforts for user adoption. You may be able to get users to sign on, but a system design that lacks functionality or usefulness for the user will quickly drive them away. It is good practice to conduct usability tests and gather feedback from your End Users. A user-centric approach gives your End Users a voice in the process and breaks down their resistance to change.
  2. Invest in Training: Learning paths like those offered in Agiloft University offer ongoing training opportunities to keep users updated on system enhancements and best practices. Categories include Agiloft Certifications, Process and Procedures, and Best Practices. You can measure the effectiveness of training investments by tracking the percentage of users completing training and monitoring user proficiency levels over time.
  3. Gamification or Incentives: Incentives can really motivate users to engage with your CLM system. Rewarding those users who consistently meet compliance deadlines or accurately complete contract reviews are two of several ways to call attention to the users who are exhibiting the type of CLM adoption that you need/want. 

  4. Integration with Existing Systems: Seamless integration with existing systems and workflows is crucial for maximizing CLM user adoption. Agiloft provides extensive capabilities to integrate with many of the most widely used software platforms, such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign, MS Office, and Salesforce. The Agiloft Integration Hub makes it easy to connect your KB to more than 200 enterprise integrations using Workato, an integration-enablement platform, and includes a library of pre-built recipes for popular apps.
  5. Leadership Support: Support of the CLM system from your organization’s leadership does not end at go-live. Work with your leadership for continuous messaging that demonstrates its strategic importance to the organization. Promoting the benefits of the CLM system may include expanding your audience outside of legal operations into other departments. 
What are your tips for increasing CLM user adoption? Do you have questions on how to implement these tips? Or do you have a success story to share? Join us in the Agiloft Customer Community to connect with Agiloft staff and customers on ways to maximize your CLM system and increase your user adoption.