Year over year reporting

Wondering if anyone has any ideas, cause I’m drawing a blank - my sales director is asking for a report showing number of contracts signed last month and also year-to-date. That part is easy enough. He also wants to see comparable data from the previous year, and I can’t think of how to get that.
For example, in March he will want to see a report of all of the contracts signed in February and signed year to date. Next to that, he wants to see how many were signed in February of last year, and how many had been signed year to date at that point. I am not having any luck thinking of a way to do a search or create global variables that would capture the previous year info. I basically need something to total the number where the month is the same as last month but the year is last year.

Any ideas?

When I have complicated report requirements like this I have had success with using pivot tables in an excel report

Thanks Jack. That should be fine, I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something I was missing somewhere to do that sort of comparison in an html version of a report or something that could be displayed in a home screen widget. This should be something that they only need once a month or so though, so I’ll just let Excel do the heavy lifting.