We need your feedback! What Agiloft GUI updates would you like to see?


We are in the process of updating Agiloft’s graphical user interface (GUI) and would appreciate any feedback from the community.

What GUI updates would you like to see? Are there any GUI features or functionality you have been itching to roll out on your Agiloft system?

For Agiloft staff and partners, have you heard any GUI requests from customers that you would offer if available?

Would it be possible to have inline table form edits?

We’re looking for ways to make things a bit more intuitive to our end users. It would be wonderful if it were possible to add line items directly to a table. We’re hoping that there would be a (+) sign at the end of the table where the end user would hit the plus sign and then type the line items details directly inline on the table. Also, to remove a user, there would be a (-) sign beside the recipients name to remove them from the list.

Here’s a screenshot below of how we would want adding information to a table inline to look. And if they want to add an additional item, there would be a (+) sign below the list that would add another line.

Here’s another example of what we’re hoping for: http://www.javasavvy.com/angularjs-table-form-edit-tutorial/

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In my opinion, the one place that really needs work is the EUI. The current system of having to resort to obtuse coding within raw HTML in order to get just about anything customized in there is absurd, especially considering how much easier it is to configure the Staff’s interface.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @sacha.283. As I understand it, the answer is both yes and no with the current release. We will look into it and get back to you.

Thanks for the feedback, @alejandro.221. I’ll relay your suggestion and see what can be done to further improve the EUI.

Hi @sacha.283

To add to what Jeffrey said, this is possible in our current release. You can implement this using quick editable fields and two new action buttons: ‘Add Line’ and ‘Delete Line’.

When the ‘Add Line’ button is pressed it uses a conversion action to create a new record in the respective table. This record has no fields filled out and because of the quick edit fields on the view it can be completed straight from the table view.

When the ‘Delete Line’ button is pressed it can either delete the record, or preferably, set a choice field that hides the records from view.

Below is a screenshot of a table I quickly made to demonstrate this, I have just clicked the ‘Add Line’ action button to create the new record (id 198). If you want the new line to appear at the bottom you can reverse sort the ID:

If you are not comfortable implementing this yourself this can be something you ask your implementer to complete for you.

Hi @alejandro.221

This is a great suggestion, I have actually been working on a code-free EUI implementation where the EUI Template records are automatically generated based on values in other tables. It still has a long way to go but I will happily share a entity set of it when it’s complete.

That’s fantastic @Jack.W! Thanks so much. We will definitely be checking that out.

I’d be certainly keenly interested in seeing the end results of that effort. Thanks!

Just an update, our Implementer was able to design the table as Jack suggested!

I have another GUI suggestion, we’d love to see padded buttons as opposed to the current design. In the meantime, are you aware of any workarounds for this?

Hi Sascha,

In the ‘Forms’ tab of the Look and Feel wizard you can edit the action buttons. You may be able to achieve what you’re after already. If not, each action button can be an image instead of text, you can create images to match exactly what you’re after. The images for action buttons are uploaded in the field settings for each button.

Below is a screenshot from the Look and Feel wizard:

This is true to a point. You can indeed substitute the standard button for an image, within the respective button field. However, you can only have one image per button, which means that you cannot reproduce the visual effect of “pressing down” or even changing the color.
I agree that it would be nice to have a bit more control over the graphical design of the buttons.

Would you be able to share more detail? We perhaps don’t have the level expertise needed to understand Jack’s suggestion as phrased.


The email editor! It’s very limited and not terribly intuitive, and makes simple things like attachments on templates or one-time emails cumbersome.

I’m curious about this request. I can agree that this, as much of the rest of the UX for Agiloft, could be improved to make it more visually appealing and intuitive to use. But on the other hand I also think it’s very powerful, and I fail to see how adding attachments or even record content is particularly cumbersome.

I would be interested to learn, just out of my personal interest in user experience and usability, what specifically you find cumbersome about the email editor as it is.

It’s very powerful in terms of being able to insert most fields and variables, but we’ve run into some limits as well. Visually it’s not an impressive part of the software, so when execs try to send an email from a record, for example, I tend to get “can we make this look better?” kinds of comments. Adding local files as attachments is perfectly fine, but adding attachments from a contract record to an on-the-fly email created from a record is barely possible, and in my mind should be as simple as selecting one or more from the list of linked attachments. If that’s an option that’s there, we can’t find it.
In some of our templates we’ve run into issues with certain types of fields, such as linked tables that don’t display properly. And adding any kind of manually created table to an email template is so clumsy and limited in options that it’s rarely worth the effort it takes to resize, format, etc. Compared to creating a small, simple table in Word or Outlook it’s pretty bad.

Ok, it is good to understand how other people perceive Agiloft. Just to be clear, I am not an Agiloft employee, I’m a partner, and I try my best to accommodate my customers’ requests as best as I can.
There are certain requests related to user interface and user experience that can be very difficult, very expensive, or simply impossible to fulfill. For example, the animated custom buttons that were mentioned is one of the messages above. It might be possible to accomplish that, if you’re willing to tinker deeply within the CSS style sheets and stuff. But to some of us it seems like a curious omission.

Regarding your specific comments about the email, however, I think with a bit of configuration work and not-so-deep tinkering, you can vastly improve your users’ experience.

For example, I don’t know which Agiloft function you’re looking at, but from within a Contract Record, the email behaves pretty much the way you expect:
(See Image 01 below): from within a contract you can send an email that recognizes the active attachments that are available within the contract record, and you just choose which ones should be attached.

From within the standard email format (see image 02 below), I find that I can simply copy an Excel table, and paste it right in the body. So far I haven’t run into any issued, but this is not something that I have tested extensively, so I can’t comment on how often you may get errors. If you do, however, you may want to report it to support.

So I think it could be matter of drawing inspiration from how email works from different tables in Agiloft, and configure the table that your users are using so that it does things the way they want.

Good luck!

Thanks for your reply! I appreciate the suggestions. I misspoke (or mistyped) above when talking about adding attachments from on-the-fly emails created from records - messages using the form on the Emails tab (as you indicated) works exactly how I’d like it to, when creating a new message from scratch. With attachments, the times we have issues are when users generate a message from a template but then want to add attachments from the record. If it’s not part of the template already it’s not really an option, but we don’t necessarily want to always add all attachments from a record. It’s kind of an all or nothing sort of a thing.
It’s the same with the formatting issues I mentioned, that we really have the biggest issues when creating messages from templates. The templates can be great, but they’re limited in functionality.