Use "Extra Fields to Show" field in Contract Type table to control the field visibility by contract type

Sometimes you may want to show some fields only for certain contract types.
It’s good practice to always use “Extra fields to show” field in Contract Type table to control the visibility of extra fields.

First, add the extra field name into the drop-down list of the “extra fields to show” field.
To do that, click Setup Contract Types > Fields, click the edit icon in front of the field “Extra Fields to Show” and navigate to the General Tab and click “Create Choice List” to create a new choice list or “Edit Choice List” to edit an existing choice list.


Click “New” under “Set items for the choice list”, then in the pop-up window enter the extra field name. Select the item where you want to put the field name and choose “insert before selected item” or “insert after selected item” to place the extra field name in your desired position in the drop-down list.

Click “Finish” and the extra field name you just created appears in the drop-down list.

In Contract Type table, edit the Contract Type you want to setup the “extra fields to show” for, click the lookup icon next to “Extra Fields to Show” field and select the extra field you just added. If there’re existing items selected in the drop-down list, you must hold Ctrl key to make selection to avoid overriding the existing selections.


Click “OK” after you finish selection, the extra field appears in the “Extra Fields to Show” field.

After you finish the setup in Contract Type table, go back to Contract table, click setup Contracts > Fields tab, then click Edit icon in front of the field name and navigate to “Options” tab, then click “Add condition” button under “Make the visibility of this field conditional”. In the pop-up window, select the field “Contract Type Extra Fields to Show” and in the drop-down value list, select the extra field name by which you want to setup visibility dependency.

Click “Finish”.

You can follow the steps to add more fields into “Extra Fields to Show” for this contract type.

By setting up the visibility dependency on Contract Type Extra Fields to Show, you can use Contract Type to control the visibility of extra fields. It can save you a lot of time and efforts to maintain the visibility of fields.