Use Checkboxes in Print Templates


It is easy to add checkboxes to a print template using a font’s special characters. For example, imagine that you want a print template to graphically show whether the Balance Paid? ($balance_paid) field is set to Yes or No. Using a font that includes checkboxes, you would create the following statement: $formula($balance_paid=="Yes" ? "☑" : "☐"). This statement checks to see if the Balance Paid? field equals Yes. If Balance Paid? does equal Yes, the print template returns a checked checkbox (). If Balance Paid? equals anything other than Yes, the print template returns an empty checkbox ().


Only certain fonts, such as Segoe UI Symbol, Zapf Dingbats, and Wingdings, include checkboxes. Using one of these fonts in Word:

  1. Enter$formula($variable=="Value"?"☑":"☐")into your print template. If you are not copying the statement from this post, complete the following steps to insert the checkbox characters in the appropriate location:
    • Navigate to the Insert tab.
    • Click the Symbol drop-down and select More Symbols…
    • In the Character Map, select the desired character and click Insert.
  2. Replace $variable with the field label of the field for which you would like the statement to check the field value.
  3. Replace Value with the field value for which you would like the print template the display a checked checkbox (). All other field values will cause the print template to display an empty checkbox ().

If needed, you can also customize your statement so that it uses any of the other operators available in Agiloft.

Note that changing a font mid-statement will break the formula. To avoid this, make sure you change to the correct font before you begin crafting your statement.