Troubleshooting Table and Cell Borders in Views

When creating or editing a view, users can decide to show borders around the cells of the table using an option on the General tab.


However, if the Table Border and Cells setting in Tables tab of the Look and Feel scheme is set to override the view settings, the borders may not appear the user expects.

For example, if the settings are as shown in the images above, then the user will not see table borders despite their configuration. Although the Look and Feel setting can be useful as a faster way to control table borders without editing each individual view, it can also sometimes lead to confusion.

Think carefully about your choice when configuring the Look and Feel scheme!

Thanks for the tip. I have seen the Cell Border option in the Views setup, and I’ve noticed that selecting it made no visible difference … now I know why.

Speaking of “Look and Feel”, it seems that if I select the View icon in the list of available themes, it should show me a preview of what it looks like.


However, when I click this nothing happens … is that normal? (I am using the hosted solution if that matters).


Hi Paul!

Thanks for writing. I’m glad the tip was helpful!

In terms of the Look and View preview, this isn’t normal, but it is a known issue that is being worked on. As a workaround, you could set the desired look and feel scheme for the account you are logged in to (or the admin team) to quickly preview it without disrupting your users.

Understood. Thanks, Noah.