Third Party Initials via DocuSign


I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a workaround or if this would be an enhancement request.

We have situations where we send an agreement out for signature to a third party and they want their Procurement/Legal team to first review and then it gets passed onto the signatory. Currently, we just cc those parties and tell them they will need to communicate with their signatory on when to sign but in some cases it would be helpful if instead of just ccing, we can set it via Agiloft that we want their Procurement/Legal team to initial and then once complete it then goes to the signatory.

Send Order does not currently solve this if we’re ccing a party because their “action” is merely just receiving an email. If we set it that the Procurement/Legal team has to initial, then that action must be completed before it’s sent to the next person in the send order.

Our current build sets it that so if someone is set as a signer, they are added to the signature block, which for most cases works when multiple signers are required… but not in this case where that third party team just needs to initial.