Searching and Exporting + Attachments

I am not sure what I am overlooking, maybe this not possible. I would like to run a search on a particular vendor and export all the contract data including the attachments for this vendor.

What’s happening is that I cannot get an export to include the attachments.

Here is what I am doing.

1.) Refining my search to the particular vendor
2.) Click “Edit” “Select all found records”
3.) Actions -> Export
4.) Destination -> Local hard drive
5.) “Next”
6.) Data Format -> “Excel’2007
7.) “Next”
8.) Change “Include attached files” to “Yes”
9.) “Finish”

As mentioned above when the download appears there are not attachments only the excel document with the contracts listed.

I have tried going to the attachments table but there is no way to refine an export to a particular vendor it’s not an option in the search.

The attachments in a contract are displayed as a related table. To export the files for a contract or a vendor, please run the export action directly from the Attachments table. The Attachments table contains links to the Contract (like contract ID, contract party name, etc) so it should be possible to filter it based on a particular vendor.


Thanks for the suggestion however, as I was mentioning above, in the attachments table I do not have the ability to search by contract IT or vendor. None of those are options in the drop down list.

You may contact the admin for generating a saved search for you. If you are already the admin, then you may check with our business analysts to review your KB for advising an appropriate filter.

Hey John … another thought,… and maybe you’ve already solved this, but in your Attachments table make sure the fields that are linked to the contract record are included in the Quick Search Fields. If they are not selected, they won’t show up in your drop down list.

If you’re an Admin, go to “Setup Attachments” --> click the “Indexes” tab --> click the “Edit Quick Search Fields” --> then make your selections.

I tried doing the very thing you were attempting, and it worked for me (from the Attachments table) … I got a zip file with one excel spreadsheet, and a folder with all the attachments.



Thanks for the suggestions.


Your ideas seemed to be on the correct track. However, the attachments table did not have “Company Name” as a quick search.

I did try to run my steps above again basically searching for a vendor on the contracts table and doing an export and everything, including the attachments was on the export but there still seems to be something missing.

The excel sheet contains the contracts and the “file” folder contains the attachments however, aside from the “Latest Attachment” column the spreadsheet does not tell you what attachments go with what contracts.

Hi John,

Does your attachments table have ‘Contract Party Name’ as a quick search? If not you can add this link to the company name in the attachments table by editing the ‘Link to Selected fields from other Table: Contract’ field and adding the ‘Company Name Field’. This field shows which attachment goes with which company.

On your export attempt from the contracts table it looks like you were missing including ‘Contract Title’ in the export. Including this fields would result in an export file with two columns ‘Contract Title’ and ‘Latest Attachment’.