School Festival of Numbers Registration and Planning

My son’s elementary-middle school offered an annual one-day event called Festival of Numbers, in which they recruited volunteer parents and celebrities to give 90 minute workshops on a variety of topics related to math. As a member of the organizing committee, I set up Agiloft to manage this whole event.

We had a table for Proposed Workshops that could be submitted online by volunteers. The workshop record included information about the supplies needed, the preferred age range (workshops were for grades 3-5 or grades 6-8), the preferred time slots, maximum class size, and and the description for the brochure.

There was an approval process, and once approved, the workshop was assigned to one or more sessions, of which there were three.

Once the workshops were finalized, the students were allowed to sign up online for each session, and the workshops were filtered by grade level and session. Students selected their top five choices:


The volunteer team then worked with the data to give each student the highest of their choices possible for each session.

For the day of the event, print templates were used to print out the attendance sheet for each workshop, an overall schedule of workshops and locations, a list of workshops by room numbers, and lists of all the materials and volunteers needed to staff and run the workshops.

This system is still available. Contact if you would like more information on setting up such a system.