Rest API Search


Firstly I am new to Agiloft, so sorry if this is a noob question.

I am trying to pull the data using Rest API. Here is what I am attempting to do:

Pull only the employees with name - Mark Walters.

Here is the URL Structure:******&%24table=contacts.employees&query=full_name%20like%20'Mark%20Walters'&%24login=tan***.*

I am not getting any results, so I am certain that I have not implemented the query piece correctly.

Can you please advise on what the URL/query parameter should be to give me only the employee whose full name is Mark Walters.


I assume the KB parameter was filled in also?

Otherwise the general format looks ok. Instead of ‘like’ I would use ‘%3D’ for =. I’d also probably use EWSelect instead of EWSearch, but they should both work.

This query worked when I replaced the login and password with a different user for my kb. If there is still and issue, we should check format of the login or password:$lang=en&$password=*****&$table=contacts.employees&query=full_name%3D’Mark%20Walters’&$login=tan***$KB=Corel

HI Craigg

I do replace the KB param. Do you have a sample URL where I can search 2 columns in a table. I am thinking if I can get first_name=Mark&last_name=Walters that would also work for me.

Should the format be: query=first_name=Mark&last_name=Walters ?

Thanks for your assistance.

Hi Tanmay,

Unfortunately it’s looking like multiple columns queries do not work. I would advise creating a compound field in Agiloft (full name already exists as ‘first name last name’) and basing the request on that instead.

OK thanks for the feedback.