New time-saving keyboard shortcuts for Agiloft

Agiloft recently enhanced keyboard shortcuts available to all users, which make navigating the system quicker than ever. Some new Agiloft shortcuts include:


Table look up (Alt + t) to quickly find a table. When the desired table appears, click on it to navigate to that table.

Log out (Alt + x) to quickly log out of your Agiloft system. This one is particularly valuable for users with concurrent licenses.

See all shortcuts (Alt + /) to bring up a list of all Agiloft keyboard shortcuts.

For more efficient navigation, administrators can customize shortcuts for their system by navigating to: Setup > Look and Feel > Customize Shortcuts

Additionally, users can customize their own shortcuts, which will override team settings applied by the admin. Customize individual keyboard shortcuts here: Preferences > Customize Shortcuts

For more on new keyboard shortcuts and how to customize your system, please refer to the Keyboard Shortcuts help page here:

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