MVE links and Related Tables

Links between tables are central to the way that Agiloft works. It is sometimes true that the linked record needed holds only a single piece of data, like when choosing a Company in a contract: typically, you would want only a single company and its associated information (address, tax status, etc.). Other times, that link needs to hold multiple values, for example when choosing several products to include in a contract or many Attachments related to a single record. MVE linked fields are displayed differently depending on whether the link is to a single field from another table or to a set of selected fields. Single MVE links can be displayed as a series of checkboxes or as a box with a lookup feature; link to selected MVE are always displayed as a related table.

When designing your system, it’s usually best to put the link in the table that holds fewer records. So if a single Contract record might cover hundreds of products, the link should live in the Contracts table. It is also important to remember that some searches and business processes need to act on data contained in a single table, making a linked record the right choice.

Related tables simply look backward through an MVE link to show related information. The Attachments related table in Contracts works like this; when new attachments are created in the Attachment table, they are simply displayed in the Contract record automatically. Although you can see this data on the screen, it is not really part of the record from which you are viewing it. Therefore, there are some limits on what can be done with that data when automating business processes.

For more on this topic, read the design article here.

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