Mass Edit Permissions

I read the information on the mass edit permissions, but the checkbox that I need to mark to allow a group to mass edit isn’t displaying when I go in to edit their permissions. Are there other criteria that have to be in place in order for the checkbox to show on the record permissions tab?

Hi Molly,
The most straightforward criteria is that they need to have access to either Edit Own or Edit Other. I’d suggest with this issue that you reach out to your Agiloft Implement or our Support Team to take a more specific look into the deployment.

Does the permissions group have to have table admin permissions for it to display? Because they have Edit Own and Edit Other both checked in this case but I took away their table admin access and I’m not longer seeing anything other than Quick Edit as a check box underneath that section.

Hi Molly,
Both Power User and End User groups can have mass edit permissions without being granted the admin role. Just to be certain, is this a subtable, such as Employee? The mass edit permission for subtables should be set at the parent table.