Left pane groupings - customized search

Happy Friday everyone.

I apologize if this was covered in the new release webinar sessions (just don’t remember), but I was wondering … now that we have the ability to make Left pane groupings, and any table can be included in any group; can we customize the default search of a table based on the group they are display in?

For example, I created a Left pane scheme for some of my users that looks like this:


You can see that Attachments and Approvals are included in both the Contracts and RFPs groups. Is it possible that when a user clicks on the Attachments table under the RFPs group, that it would only display attachments related to RFPs? And likewise for Contracts?

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Hi Paul,

Unfortunately this is not possible and would still have to be accomplished with saved searches displayed in the left pane. This is a good idea and I recommend submitting it as an idea in Agiloft Support.

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Thanks Jack … I’ll do that.

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