IE - Brower Compatibility Issues

A tip that may save someone some time.
We have just moved a KB from the Cloud to on-premises and after the move my users started to report issues with IE (the companies default browser) not working anymore.

After some investigation we found that they have a flag set by default to run all intranet sites in ‘compatibility mode’, which Agiloft won’t work with. As we moved from cloud to on-premises this was now an ‘intranet’ site, so we suddenly hit the problem.

Unchecking compatibility mode had everything workign again.

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Do you have specific error or issue examples you can provide? We have the same setup in our network, and would like to know if IE is the culprit for some issues.

One example was where a user clicked the ID number that opened the record in view mode in a new window. They then clicked the Edit button to enter edit mode and made changes. Upon clicking the Save button, the window remains as though it did not register the click. It did save the record though, just did not close the window.

Hi Daren,

There is no specific error, the UI just doesn’t work in my case.

I have seen the issue when Windows don’t close though, you can see it in many places, including when you delete records, the status changes, but the window just won’t close.

In my experience this is due to my Virus protection not allowing windows to be closed via script and the solution is to create an exception to the URL/Domain of your Agiloft system.

I run Kapersky (Russian I know!) and it’s their Web Anti Virus module that prevents the running of malicious scripts that stops windows closing. I go into the Advanced settings for the Web Anti-Virus module where I can add trusted URL’s, then add the Agiloft URL’s.

If you’re on the SaaS service you can just trust ** as the URL to trust all Agiloft sites.

If you’re on your own server, you’ll need to just add your own domain details.

Hope this helps.