Flexible Customer Support

Consolidate your support operations, reduce response times, and improve customer satisfaction with Agiloft’s holistic customer support solution.

Features include:
Self-service portal provides 24/7 ticket submission, reduces staff time for handling emails and calls, and
empowers customers to resolve issues.
Integrated live chat is available for real-time communication with support staff, allowing technicians to chat with multiple customers simultaneously.
The customizable end user interface seamlessly integrates with your website, providing a differentiated set of options for each customer.
Escalation rules track SLAs and notify managers when they are needed to resolve urgent or overdue issues.
Graphical charts reports provide insight into turnaround times, staff productivity, and backlogs.
• Integrated customer surveys allow you to monitor customer satisfaction levels.
Full auditability is provided through historical snapshots that display configurable audit logs and the entire record at any point in time.
Single sign-on capabilities, provided by LDAP/Active directory, SAML, or Google OAuth, simplify access.
APIs for easy integration, such as Web Services, REST API, and External System Adapters enable real-time integration with back-end systems.

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