Exporting/Importing Contracts from Environments

Hi everyone,

I recently had to export and import contracts from the dev environment to production. I followed various help articles but the process itself was very challenging and time consuming. I am hopping there is a much easier way to do this & I overly complicated the process. Here is a brief look at the steps I followed. There was of course more to this than listed (like making sure I remove the unique ID and have that get auto created in production, etc.)

  1. Export the company level information
  2. Go through and update the file with the ID’s from production
  3. Import the company level information
  4. Export the location table data
  5. Go through and update the file with the ID’s from production
  6. Import the location table data file into production
  7. Export the people table data
  8. Go through and update the file with the ID’s from production
  9. Import the people table data to production
  10. Export the contract table data
  11. Go through and update the file with ID’s from production
  12. Import the contracts table data into production
  13. Export/import the attachments

Hi Megan,
Thanks for posting this as it’s one of those areas that can be time consuming so sharing efficiencies is a great idea.

While you do want to run through export/importing the records from table to table as separate sheets, it can be helpful when matching the data to use another unique field which is consistent between the systems.
For example, if I know Lee Tottle is User#14 on Dev but User#158 on Live then I would try to add/use a unique identifier from both systems to match them, such as login - becuase I know I’m TottleL in both. Then when I run the import I change my amend/replace in the import screen to the other unique field. You may already have other fields in place which can help, such as internal employee numbers used by HR or ID badge numbers.

I also prefer these kind of unique identifiers in views instead of ID, and compounds can also be helpful such as location being “Company Name - Address Line 1”. As long as they are unique and required, it makes matching easier and makes the system a little more clear to users than the standard ID numbers do.

Aside from all the above, if exporting/importing is something that you do frequently then perhaps it would help to use scripting (e.g. PowerShell for CSVs) or formulas in an excel sheet, which could automate large pieces of it.