Exporting data to SharePoint

I’m trying to figure out how to export data to a Sharepoint location. Has anyone done that?

Hi John,
Welcome to the Agiloft Community.

While I haven’t personally set this specific scenario up, you can export records with an export action to an FTP location, which could be triggered by a time-based rule.

You would then import this into SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, which is basically SharePoint MySites as they used to be called. I have heard of people using Microsoft’s Power Automate (formerly Flow) to do this but this setup extends beyond my personal experience, though I see a number of Technet posts discussing it and referencing the flows at https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/services/shared_ftp/ftp/ which cover moving to/from a number of intermediary locations.

To get further assistance on this, I would also suggest speaking with your Agiloft project implementer to see if this is something they can offer further assistance with as you’ll in the example above need an intermediate FTP server and some rules/actions creating.