Entering Renwal Contract Information


I had an end user enter a 2709 and this should have been a renewal of contract 2322. However, the end user did not enter 2709 as a renewal. How do I go about telling 2322 that it has been renewed by 2709 so the contracts are linked?

Hi John,

This may be dependent on how your KB is configured but in our out-of-the-box system you would change the ‘parent contract id’ field in 2709 to 2322. This links the contracts and would make 2709 appear in the list of ‘Related Contracts and Amendments’ in the Renewal/Related Contracts tab.

Your KB may have extra actions that run when a renewal is created correctly. You can edit the action button that created the renewal contract to see what those actions are.

Hi John,

I have realized some extra steps that you should take to match exactly what would have happened by pressing the ‘Create Renewal Contract’.

As well as the above steps you should (via a mass-edit):
Edit the ‘Renewal Contract ID’ field in 2322 to '2709’
Edit the ‘Renewal Contract’ field in 2709 to 'Yes’
Edit the ‘Previous Contract ID’ field in 2709 to ‘2322’