End User Interface - Create Company

Good morning,

My users are struggling with building a company inside a contract request. They’d prefer to create the company, then create the contract request. I checked and the End User group has access to creating companies, but I can’t make the “new” button show up on the “View all companies” search screen or to have Company be an option when they hover over the New button at the top of the End User Interface (right now it just says Contract when they hover over it)


Hi Matt, welcome to the forum!

For your first question: this could be one of two reasons:

  1. There is no action bar showing in the View My Companies Page.

  2. The action bar is showing but the New button is not on the action bar.

For question 2: You can follow this tutorial (replacing the Task table with the Company table) https://wiki.agiloft.com/display/HELP/Creating+a+New+Page+Tutorial
and for reference: https://wiki.agiloft.com/display/HELP/Working+with+the+Default+EUI+Templates