Drag & Drop files from Microsoft Outlook

A common request from customers is the ability to “drag & drop” emails and attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook into Agiloft. It appears that the files within Outlook are considered temporary until they are saved locally, and then a user can “drag & drop” them into Agiloft.

There are various plugins in Outlook that can be used to solve this requirement. One tested open source plugin is https://github.com/tonyfederer/OutlookFileDrag. You may find additional commercial plugins online.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check that out.

One request my users have is going the other way. We’re on a hosted solution, and they would like an easy way to grab an attachment file, and drag it to Outlook. (Rather than opening it, and saving it locally first).

I’m not sure that will ever be possible. My recommendation is to send an email out of Agiloft to the recipients with attachments. The Contracts table has a great example of sending emails with attachments.

Thanks for sharing the great tip, Aytan!

Thanks Aytan,

The situation usually is that they want to add the attachment to an email thread. Using the system mail won’t include all the past conversation.

Your original tip works very well … thanks for that.

Aytan, where does the email go? Can you post some simple instructions?


This was a great idea, thank you! Our security director wasn’t enthusiastic about us installing plugins from Github, but for others in the same boat he did find a very inexpensive commercial alternative that works perfectly, which was DragDrop (https://www.dragdrop.com/).

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I’m glad that you found this information helpful. Thank you for sharing the commercial drag and drop product!

Hi Su,

This plugin allows the user to drag&drop an email directly from Microsoft Outlook into a drag&drop File Field in Agiloft. I hope that helps!

Hi @aytan,
Thank you for sharing this!
Do you have any more information on doing the reverse drag & drop? (from Agiloft into Outlook, for ex)

Hi @rachel.422,

I’m glad the information was helpful!

The reverse drag & drop is not possible due to the nature of the browser. An attachment in the browser is not yet downloaded, which is the reason that you can’t drag and drop it from the browser into Outlook or even your desktop.

This may be possible with an Agiloft Outlook plugin which could download attachments and add them to a new email in Outlook with a single click. You should create an enhancement request for Agiloft to consider.