DocuSign Stamp & Agiloft Signature Template

Hey! Just wondering if anyone uses DocuSign’s stamp feature and has a workaround. Our implementer/Support mentioned we may need to submit an enhancement request.

We are wanting to add our Legal team into a DocuSign workflow within Agiloft and have them stamp an agreement before final countersignature. Do you guys have any options that integrate with DocuSign to autoplace the stamp, similar to execution date, title, and signature tags?

DocuSign documentation here: - specifically the stamp details here

We’d like to add these tags to our signature page.

Send order 1: External Signer
Send order 2: Our legal team stamps
Send order 3: Internal countersigner


Hi Sacha,

What is the purpose of the stamp on an executed contract? Are the stamps essentially a legal approval?

If so, the suggested workflow is for your legal team to approve the contract before sending a DocuSign envelope to a counterparty and your internal signer.

No, that isn’t what we’re hoping for. We’re wanting a visible stamp on the contract and for legal to apply this stamp after the third party signed, but before our internal party signs.

My recommendation is to reconsider your process. I assume the stamp is used as an approval. Agiloft provides you with a full audit trail of your approvals, and they are far superior to a stamp on a contract.

Questions to consider:

  1. Have you considered separating your approval process from your execution process?
  2. Why should your counterparty have visibility to your internal legal approval stamps? The counterparty will receive a copy of the executed contracts once both parties sign.
  3. What happens if your counterparty signs and then your legal team does not “stamp” the DocuSign envelope?

These are merely suggestions for you to consider based on my experience of transitioning from your current execution process to a more controlled approval and execution process.