DocuSign Recipient Role

I notice in the DocuSign table there is a field called Role, which defaults to Signer. There are other choices for that field:

Does changing the Role on the Agiloft side change the Recipient Action on the DocuSign side?

What I need to do is create an envelope through Agiloft where the 1st Party Signer that I’ve chosen, receives the DocuSign message that asks them to Select recipient … where they input the name and email address of the person who actually needs to sign. I was just wondering if there was a way to trigger that through Agiloft, or if I should I edit the recipient roles on the DocuSign side.


Hi there,

Specifically, this looks like the DocuSign Recipients table. Each record represents a step a single DS envelope goes through. You absolutely can modify individual recipient roles here, although those changes only affect that recipient one time, and you’d have to modify the record after it’s automatically created but before it’s sent, which can be tricky.

Another option would be to modify the “ext: Create DocuSign Envelope” action in the Contract table to modify the roles used there, although that’s a permanent change.

You can see which Agiloft “DocuSign Roles” map to which DocuSign “Manager Recipient Types” here:

And you can read more about those “manager recipient types” here:

Thank you for the reply Damian. I understand a little better now. For us, this situation will be rare, so changing an individual role after an Envelope record is created and before it sent will be the path we will take. I tried it today, (and after I had Docusign support change a setting on my account) it worked just fine.

Thanks again,

Absolutely, Paul! Glad to help!