DocuSign integration via third-party gateway

Due to internal security policies, some organizations may not allow their Agiloft application server to be visible to outside traffic. However, in the default DocuSign integration, the Agiloft server must have open access.

To satisfy these security policies and still communicate with DocuSign, Agiloft supports a third-party gateway that acts as an intermediary. In this setup, Agiloft will call DocuSign as normal. When DocuSign wants to communicate to Agiloft, DocuSign will call the API Gateway and the Gateway will subsequently call Agiloft.

To update your account to support communication from DocuSign to Agiloft via the secure gateway…

  1. In the DocuSign account, navigate to the Admin Console > Connect, then select the Connect Configuration.

  2. Change the “URL to Publish (HTTPS required)” field from the Agiloft URL to the URL of the API Gateway.

  3. Save the configuration.

  4. When you navigate back into the DocuSign configuration, you may receive an error, but it should still work and the error will not be received on subsequent visits to the DocuSign configuration.

To learn more about Agiloft’s DocuSign integration, go to the wiki page here: