Document Approval Workflow

Hello Everyone,

I am thinking Agiloft can help with a simple document approval workflow and I am wondering if anyone has an experience or helpful insights. I am by no means an expert in Agiloft configuration but I think maybe I can poke around a complete what needs to be done.

Basically, we are looking for a simple workflow to approve documents. Here is how I envision it working.

Mainly we would use this for invoice approvals so A/P knows what is OK to process.
1.) User uploads a document
2.) User selects or enters people who need to “Approve” the document(this can be .
3.) When all parties have “Approved” the document an e-mail with the “Approval” conformations is sent to Accounts Payable.
4.) Possibly another e-mail sent to all parties saying that the document was completed.

Hi John,

There may already be what you’re looking for in our existing Documents table in Agiloft, please review