Displaying a required field label using input instructions


There are fields that are not required for the initial creation of a record, but required during processing in a subsequent step. For example, the Workflow Title is not mandatory to create a contract, but is required to be selected before creating approvals. Such a field cannot be marked as required in the Options tab in the field settings as that will prevent the initial creation. Instead, this is handled typically with an if-then-else action that checks if the field is empty and running a validation action to display an error message. As a result, the user in the subsequent step may not identify the field as required until the error message is triggered.


Use the input instructions to display the field label with a red asterisk.


  1. Go to Display tab of the field settings.

  2. Use the HTML editor to define the field label with a red asterisk.


  3. Set the input instructions to show both when editing and viewing the field, and ensure the input instructions are placed on the same line as the input box.

This is how the field label would be displayed.